When you need a construction or renovation job to be done on time and with ease, we are here to help. Professional, reliable, and highly regarded in the industry, we are proud to have been involved with the following projects:


Parakiore Recreation and
Sports Centre

Rolleston College
Expansion project

Tai Poutini

BMW Christchurch – Building adaptation for a new era in car sales.

When BMW Christchurch decided to overhaul the design of their 1970’s era building and car yard, they knew they would need the help of a professional project manager.  Wall Projects provided support to the main contractor throughout the construction and close-out process.  The building was to be remodelled to form two high-end showrooms, a car servicing area and an administration office.  It was to be a complex project with a tight deadline for completion.  Rigorous scheduling, procurement management and effective teamwork were the keys to success.

Turning the building into a high-end commercial space involved:

    • Extensive dewatering
    • Seismic foundations
    • Seismic componentry
    • Passive fire protection measures.

Floor levels were reduced to facilitate specialised equipment, and a concrete ramp was constructed to create access to the first floor.  Quality assurance and monitoring throughout the project ensured engineering and fire protection compliance.

Outside, a visually impressive 8.2mx35m wrap-around aluminium and glass frontage is supported by a large structural steel frame.  Lights, ceiling tiles and HVAC from the original fit-out were salvaged and incorporated into the new design to help minimise waste.  Fit-out was able to be partially completed during the later stages of the remodel so car sales could resume as soon as possible.

Tai Poutini Polytechnic – From residential dwelling to classroom

When the Southern Institute of technology needed an extra classroom added to their Christchurch Campus, they decided to use one of the residential dwellings’ students had built onsite, adapt the interior for commercial use and relocate it closer to existing teaching space. Wall Projects were engaged to Project Manage the entire operation from design, consent, and tendering to construction. We worked closely with stakeholders to ensure their requirements were met and that site works did not disrupt on-campus operations.

Adapting the building for commercial use involved adhering to various compliance measures, including fire protection and emergency lighting. The result is a modern learning environment with a full-function office space and accessibility access.

Parakiore Recreation and Sports Centre – Building for the future

When it is completed in 2025, Christchurch will have the largest aquatic and indoor recreation centre in New Zealand.  It is one of Christchurch’s most significant construction projects since the earthquakes.  It has been a complex and massive undertaking, not helped by the impacts of a global pandemic.

George Wall, senior project manager for Wall Projects, was asked by the Italian company Myrtha to act as a liaison between them and local contractors during the installation of the pool linings.  Due to Covid, their project managers were recalled back to Italy, hampering communication and creating a delay in installation.  George was able to re-establish dialogue between all involved, install clear lines of accountability, and ensure clear instructions and timelines for the inclusion of the liners.

The contract is presently ongoing.

Nurse Maude Project

Nurse Maude – Emergency water tanks

When Nurse Maude approached Wall Projects regarding some emergency water tanks to be installed into their Christchurch Hospice, they already had a design and costings from their preferred contractor.

The reason Nurse Maude contacted us was because the costs were rising, and the design kept changing. When asked, Wall Projects carried out a high-level review of the design and costs and it was found that no water volume usage had been calculated, therefore the tanks were oversized for the hospice requirements and many of the costs were provisional sums giving no certainty of budget.

To eliminate any doubt, Wall Projects engaged a hydraulics consultant to calculate the water volume usage, we then updated the design, provided accurate costings and realistic timeframes. This saved Nurse Maude costs of approximately 20% from their pervious estimate and gave them certainty that their project was now compliant.

Rolleston College Expansion project – Design and Build

When Watts and Hughes secured the Design and Build for the Rolleston College Expansion project, they required a professional to lead the design team and oversea the stakeholder engagement. From their previous involvement with Wall Projects, they knew we would provide a professional service and George Wall would front their business like it was our own.

This is a Public Private Partnership project and consists of 3,200m2 of additional teaching space, a large extension to the gymnasium and an exciting landscape layout.

George will take this project from Preliminary Design through to Building Consent managing multiple design disciplines and consulting with key stakeholders, all of which are based across New Zealand.

This project is currently ongoing.